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DMC News offers Daily Metaverse, Crypto and NFT related news, We work very seriously around the clock and the book team follows up on all kinds of details in various fields.
Also, DMC News is unique in terms of its coverage of international news, where as well as through our correspondents everywhere, we transmit the full picture of the events taking place in the world.
For all visitors of DMC News, we work together and with greater focus in following up on all activities.

It also gives DMC News an opportunity for its distinguished visitors to write news and follow news reports to share their political news, rumors, and information directly.

DMC News Publishing Policy

Dmc News respects the copyright and intellectual property rights of all other websites and people, so the editors write the content for the site with impartiality and credibility, and we have qualified editors who are interested in the field of journalism in all fields.

  • The administration of DMC News apologizes for publishing any content that violates the rights of the law.
    – The administration of DMC News is not obligated to publish all the news and articles that come to it, and the administration of the site is committed to technical considerations related to the writer, editor and site management.
  • DMC News administration apologizes for publishing content that expresses in any way bias to a class, religion, sect or person and also apologizes for not publishing content that leads to sectarian strife between sects and different religions or materials that contain words and phrases contrary to morals and ethics Arabic and general, or includes any form of defamation of a group or person.

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